Gonzalo Bergara

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Gonzalo Bergara, well-loved through many countries by the significant impact into the Gypsy Jazz world-wide scene, shapes his musical style ranging from traditional Gypsy Jazz melted with his Argentine blood wisely harmonized with Classical style.

Performing onto the most prestigious stages of Festivals, Jazz Club and Theatres, his music and charisma has thrilled audiences of U.S, South America and Europe leading him to be an acclaimed International Composer and Performer.

9 His new Album it’s Different!

As the numerology tells us, the number 9 represent the great mental and spiritual realizations: it marks the end of a phase of spiritual development and the beginning of another higher stage. I’m not sure Bergara named his album 9 according with the numerology meaning, however this album marking off a higher introspective evolution given by the events the world has gone through lately. He explored his inner side breaking his own rules, going out from his comfort zone to find a different way of answering himself, willing to serve the world his freedom through the knowledge and experience of his new compositions.


“Gypsy Jazz is an entire world. History, hierarchy, boundaries. That may be why Gonzalo Bergara, though accepted within the ranks of masters of the form, has left it behind. Not to say he won’t join an all-star jam or play a Djangofest. But he has chosen composition over what are the inevitable reiterations of genre performance. Bergara has always sounded like himself. Fast –bordering on mechanical– streams of 16th notes, strict, rigid, careful even. They’re still there, but now he sounds like nobody else. He has broken free from his own rules. The music reminds us of nothing so much as a Paul Klee watercolour, a line going for a walk. Even as he is creating the line, Bergara is following it. He discovers his composition in the playing. Nine is his strongest work. The ensemble is pared to a street corner trio. Guitar, bass, and a drummer slapping a wooden crate. A violinist stops by to join in on a few pieces. Nine episodes, none even five minutes long; that’s it. The episodes are clearly of a time and place which they both inhabit and define. Bergara conjures moods, not meaning. But even the moods are random, refusing to be pinned down. But we feel them. If music can sound philosophical, these do. He is creating a new world, informed by the pain of this one, but not destroyed by it. The band is equal to the task. Leah Zeger, always a superb performer, has carved a deeper, richer tone and a more personal, more daring vigor. Jeronimo Carmona pretends to disappear on bass, but a solid rock wall does not disappear, you just don’t notice it. That’s how he wants it. Maki Bergara, the percussionist on the wooden crate, is the most unexpected partner. He brings, sass and toughness and power and lays down an ineluctable ground. (One reason Bergara can be freer than he has ever been.) While it is wasted breath to suggest what the pieces “mean”, one might be able to say each piece is a private conversation that we have been allowed to hear, a conversation with himself, a search where every note is drawn between a careless freedom and a universe that seems to depend on it. Which it does. He is just that serious. Think a stone mason building a medieval cathedral.”.
Jeff Fiskin


“If music can sound philosophical, these do.
He is creating a new world,
informed by the pain of this one,
but not destroyed by it”.
Jeff Fiskin




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TOUR 2019

A Fresh take of Bergara’s greatest hits, a blend of styles, engaging sounds and improvisations whilst the depth of each composition and the charisma of the Sextet mesmerize the audience.  Strong technic and  top-notch musicality are at the core of their performances through which each member shows his own personality:

Leah Zeger proves that Violin can “Rock”! Her musical success story has been anything but conventional. Born and raised in Texas! Her eclectic range and professional experiences has literally included every musical style imaginable, as musician and composer. She has performed alongside music Icons, such as Hans Zimmer, on the most prestigious stages of USA, Latin America and Europe. Her live performances are a storm of musical creativity.

Max O’Rourke and Andrea Todesco shows that to hold the rhythm chairs for Gonzalo Bergara, would best have more in the pocket than just a solid “pompe”. American and Italian guitarists and composers with significant experiences into Gypsy Jazz and Jazz Music. With them on the stage, nobody will never lose the beat.

Maki Bergara, great personality on the stage, has begun his career as a drummer working between blues and rock music establishing collaborations that led him to perform alongside flourishing Blues names such as Jason Ricci. His talent brought him closer to the Cajon searching and shaping his new sounds through different musical experiences, approaching Jazz and World Music beside Gonzalo Bergara. Maki brings on the stage a cool breeze of powerful warm rhythms, lifting up melodies and vibes with impeccable improvisations.

Pete Thomas, particularly well known within the Gypsy Jazz circles of London, he is the bass voice!  You can feel his sound into your stomach making up your goose-bump skin! His professional career moved effortlessly between, Folk, Bluegrass, Blues and Rock performed across many European countries, and recorded in each genre.


Natascia Perrini
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The Gonzalo Bergara Sextet
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